How To Use SEO To Amplify Your Brand

Branding for SEO

Are you looking for help with SEO in Dubai? Here are some handy tips that you can implement today. SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing; without it, your website will hardly have any presence on the web. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, ensures that search engines can easily find your website and display it for your potential customers.

 Why use SEO in Dubai?
Have you just set up a stunning-looking website for your business? You’ve made sure to include attractive fonts and images, and sourced exciting material for fascinating blog posts. Your products are neatly listed and designed to tempt buyers. So why is nobody visiting your site? Your online sales are next to nothing and you feel invisible. That’s because, without SEO, you might as well be. Wondering how to fix this? Follow these simple tips to boost your SEO:

  1. Keywords are key! Pick out several keywords that describe your business, and make sure to keep using them throughout your site and beyond. Include at least one of your keywords in every blog post title, website heading or description, every permalink and every digital advertising campaign. Using keywords helps potential clients find your business more easily.
  2. Use alternative text. Would you agree that images are important tools in advertising? People tend to look at images more than text, because attractive colours and shapes catch their attention better. To help search engines pick up your website’s images, remember to fill in their alternative text (usually called alt. text). Choose a description of the image and try to include one of your keywords too.
  3. Use categories and tags. The more labels you assign to the features of your site, the easier it is for search engines to prioritise. With every blog post, assign a category and a few tags wisely. Choose relevant, concise words that direct visitors to the post or webpage.

Get your name on the digital map with SEO
Whether you have just started up a small local business or are an established large corporation in Dubai, SEO helps you build a strong digital presence.  If you like these tips, share them with someone who could benefit from them.

Author – Lelo Patience Klaas

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