Tips on how to wear makeup in monsoon

Rains are amazing when they are observed from window while having tea or coffee, but a twinge when you planned a day out and it declines to let up at the same time you get scruffy thinking what and how to look good in the soaked weather, and what if this weather will smear your makeup. Everyone know that it gets pretty difficult to maintain with a beauty schedule come monsoon season. It can make skin greasy, hair limp. Doing makeup in monsoon can be complicated and sudden rains might make your makeup look washed off. or patchy. But there are ways on how to retain your makeup even in the monsoon which will further assist you to make sure that your skin is beautiful and healthy this monsoon.

Tips on how to wear makeup in monsoon
Tips on how to wear makeup in monsoon

Below are the points on how to wear make-up in monsoon:

  • Make up for Face –  During rainy season, thick makeup can be risky for smudges and getting wipe out. It is advisable to go for beam makeup applying eyeliner and waterproof mascara. Do not rub your face but dab it.
  • Makeup for Eyes – For girls who have smoky and dark eyes they can use water-based black mascara to go along with good eye shadow. Dark eye shadow gives a stunning look for a dinner or evening party. You can also apply dark brown kajal Kajal and Mascara: We suggest you to buy waterproof cosmetics during rainy season. They will save you from humiliation.
  • Luminous nude Lips –  Wearing a nice nude shade of lip stick and a mild, baby pink gloss will make any women look cute and beautiful. So whether it is heavy rains or slow rains a beautiful brown and pink shades matt lipsticks shades work great in the rains.
  • Foundation that is Water-based –  using a silicon-based foundation for neck and face will make a women look beautiful. You can go for a light base oil free primer (along with powder to keep intact. Use mineralized or loose powder foundation. These are best but shall be used carefully. Make use of it just to remove greasiness from the face.
  • Eye shadows –  Use oily or powder eye shadows. Shades such as pink, brown, blue, lavender and champagne are fine for monsoon season.
  • Eyebrows –  during this season you should not use a lot of eyebrow pencil besides this you can go using eyebrow gel to hold the hair in place.


Make up done for day and night: Applying make up for night is same as for day. All you need to do is keep you makeup natural and minimalistic. Conversely, in the day time you can apply pastels shades where as in the night you must apply dark colours. Similarly it applies for your lipstick. If you want to buy some quality cosmetics without spending fortune, get Purplle coupons as they will help you like fried to save your money.

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