The 16 Perfume good manners Rules You Must NEVER Forget

1. Store your perfume in a dry cool place

Yes, perfumes may go bad if they are not stores in a cool place.

2. Wear your perfume after you moisturize

Moisturizers help to maintain the fragrance of the perfume even in cold days.

3. Use lightly scented body lotions instead of perfume when you know you will be in close quarters with others

Lightly scented perfumes are specifically recommended for people who spend most of their day indoors.

4. Wrist rubbing is not recommended

Did you know that wrist rubbing makes the perfume to be less effective? Now you know.

5. If more than one person tells you your perfume is strong, believe them. Less is more!

Wear alight scented perfume around people who have allergies and issues with perfume.

6. Wear your perfume right

Wear the perfume at pulse point so as to make the fragrance last all day.

7. Know when to skip the perfume

Some perfume may mix with chlorine eventually causing reactions on the skin or even bring out an awful smell.

8. Apply perfume before you get dressed

Right after you shower is the perfect time for wearing your perfume.

9. Wear perfume that is not” loud”

Avoid perfumes that have strong base notes when you spend most of your time in an office.

10. Avoid wearing perfume in hospital settings

You don’t want cause more problems to the patients in hospital. Avoid perfumes at all costs.

11. Don’t spray your clothes

Spraying clothes usually makes the fragrance to be less effective.

12. Don’t reapply a fragrance in public

Use the Bathrooms to retouch yourself. This is basic knowledge my friends.

13. Avoid masks after using the spray on your body

Combining different fragrance may bring out a smell that is undesirable and strong.

14. Choose lighter scents during the day and in summer months

You don’t want your perfume to smell from a mile away.

15. For distinction, find a scent that everyone else isn’t wearing and make it your signature

A signature perfume distinguishes you from the rest of the people around you.

16. Testing the perfume in stores by spraying on a paper tester

Using a paper tester is the professional way of knowing the base note of the perfume.

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