How to Balance Between Your Mother and Wife

If you married and facing problems between Mother and wife. Both are complains you that time you think how your life will be happy forever with family. Is this so? No, not at all. Remember managing marriage is tougher than marriage itself. There is a quotation “life is not a school” which means there is no specific syllabus for life. You have to handle it on a case by case basis. If your mother and wife both are staying with you then really it brings out managerial potential in you. Then how to manage?

1. Always listen to complaints from both sides and neglect them.
2. Give some space in between them for better understanding. For instance, on some days you go on official trip leaving both of them.
4. Sometimes you should be strong in convincing correct points from either side.
3. Never tell your wife that my mother told like this and my mother likes that. If you want your wife to imbue some of the qualities of your mother you tell a small story of another person who got same qualities highlighting how that quality made you happy.

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