Apple Watch Scooped Up Over Half The Smartwatch Market In 2015


Despite a late arrival to the wearables market, Apple claimed the top spot in terms of device sales, according to new research from Juniper out this week, which stated that the Apple Watch accounted for over 50 percent of smartwatch sales in 2015.
Apple’s presence in the smartwatch market is also making it harder on its rivals to compete, as evidenced this week by Fitbit’s crashing stock.
“The smartwatch is now a category waiting for a market,” wrote Juniper research analyst James Moar.
IDC had actually estimated that Apple’s share would be higher at 61.3 percent, versus Android Wear’s 15.2 percent share.
Pebble, IDC also noted, would cede market share to both Android Wear and Apple’s watchOS platforms, but not disappear.
While Juniper and IDC’s reports largely focused on smartwatches, Apple’s share is growing in the overall wearables market as well.


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