Movie Review: Baaghi – Jackie’s son, India’s Jackie Chan!


Director: Saabir Khan

Actors: Tiger Shroff, Shradha Kapoor

Shradha Kapoor’s father in this film is a bit of a Shakti Kapoor sorta guy.

Why is this North Indian hero-heroine couple in Kerala?

The old punishing guru, aged 68, his father’s friend, inside a vast wooden training school he runs, is a serious tough nut. The art form itself, the crackerjack guru informs us, is a precursor to Kung Fu, which along with Buddhism, travelled from India to the Shaolin Temple in China. This is verifiable history.

Actor Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger plays the hero.

Does a film like this boost an art form? A hero like Tiger certainly helps. Apart from India and Hollywood, Hong Kong’s is arguably the only traditional cinema industry with a well-developed star-system. Depends.

Not that you ever walk into a martial arts picture for its story line. The dastardly Ravan is the martial art Guruji’s son.