“Hey! What’s up?” Well, yes this is something we hear every now and then while meeting up people. And is “Nothing, all boringL” the most general and common answer you give? Then, it’s high time that you take out the boring element out of your life as life is supposed to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest each single second. Think of the ill-fated lot of this world’s population who are not fluky enough to be blessed with one full course meal in a day or do not have a room to take shelter in and then you will come to realize how propitious and blessed your life is that you have all the means to enjoy life, so thank Him-The Creator of All and enjoy your life each single moment each single day.

In the current swift and fast paced era, sadly, most of us are bound to tightly screwed up timetables which hardly leaves out any space for any kind of freshness or novelty to spice up our lives and make it more interesting.

So here are 7 simple as well straightforward methods to make your life more interesting, so read on and enjoy thy lives!!

1. Meet the Morning & Awaken your Day

Even the thought of waking up early in the morning is in itself nightmarish. But yes, try waking up early say around 5 AM in the morning and arouse your day along with the morning rising sun and the serene aura of the morning.

2. Let the Kindness in You come out as Savior for Others

Psychological studies reveal that doing small little acts of kindness can work wonders for your mind and soul. Doing small acts that are spontaneous and unexpected, for instance, helping out a blind person to cross the road or giving a helping hand to a lone old lady who is struggling to walk ahead with her bags, would make theirs as well as your day. You will be smiling throughout the day thinking how obliging soul you areJ!

3. Go for A Road trip – Alone or with Friends Along

You do not have to plan a long vacation or trip for this. Find out the nearest getaway location from the city and tread out on a road trip along with your spouse or buddies and enjoy the path along. You would get to experience a whole lot of newness along the way and enlighten a new phase of vigor in you to rejoice the life.

4. Be a Volunteer & See the Change

Join in some kind of community help programs and volunteer there. Not only will you get to meet different kind of people there and make new friends, you will also be entitled to a feel-good factor thinking you have helped out your community in some or other way.

5. Greet All & Spread the Smile

Make sure you greet everyone with a pleasantry accompanied with a sweet smile. No, do not make it a fake smile; the purpose won’t work out then. You have to smile from within the soul. Greet people and ask ‘How are you?’ say ‘Thank You’ depending upon the situation. These small gestures are sure to bring a smile on the faces of people around you which in turn will make you too happy from within.

6. Food- The Path to a Foodie’s Heart

Do you happen to be a foodie – i.e. someone who just loves to gorge on food any time? If so, then do some research and head on to that eating joint and relish on that new delicacy about which you had read online. And in case you like cooking as well, then relish the elements of the dish and maybe you can meet the chef there if possible. Surely, the chef would also be more than happy to meet you and know that you loved his dish so much. So pamper your taste buds which will in turn savor your mind and soul.

7. The Number you are calling is ‘Out of Network Coverage Area’

Yes, we agree that it’s simply impossible to stay without phones for even a single minute. This nuisance gadget keeps on buzzing with number of phone calls, messages, notifications and much more throughout the day. Plan out a day in every week when you would just switch off your mobile phones and isolate yourself from the dilemmas of the present life.

Remember, you don’t have to do anything excessive to bring in a little variety in your life. Let the reins take the charge and perceive where the ride takes you ahead.

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