Healthy breakfast recipes for your school going kids

You know if right breakfast is not chosen for kids or overfeeding is done, instead of feeling energetic, kids will fell sleepy. Therefore choosing the healthy breakfast recipes is very important.

Here I am sharing few quick healthy breakfast recipes, which you can try for your child.

1. Fruit platter

Fresh fruit juices and smoothies (a thick, smooth drink of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yogurt) are great, if your child likes variations.

2. Milk


Milk is great source of calcium, very essential for kids in this growing stage. It can be one of quick healthy breakfast recipes if your child is fond of milk.

3. Northie’s Corner

Grind soaked dal to make batter, add salt, chilly per your child’s taste.

Stuffed Rotis: These are cooked in same way as prathas, but they are not greased, this way their nutrition values stays intact and roti becomes yummy.

You can also mash vegies in dough to make stuffed rotis, like I sometimes mash dal in flour to make dal wali rotis for my child.

Roti Variants: Like Makke ki roti, bajre ki roti are great source of iron for kids and can make simple meal yummy .

4. South stand

Magic Idlis: Rice idli, sooji idli are most apt for healthy breakfast.

Upma: Upma is also a great healthy breakfast, you can customise it by adding vegetables of your child’s taste. This will improve taste and second benefit would be that kid will eat vegetables also.

5. Others

Sprout bowl: Sprout bowl is also one of easy and healthy breakfast recipes for child.

Poha: Poha is a perfect start of day – a healthy, light and easily digestible meal. This is my kid’s favourite and I generally add lot of vegetables to it.

Eggs/Meat: Eggs are great protein source, you can try giving simply boiled eggs. Vegetable omelettes can be a great recipe too. Chicken and meat can also be given, consult your paediatrician regarding what time you should start giving non- veg to your child and in what amount.

This list is endless, I have just tried to add quick healthy breakfast recipes. I am looking forward to many recipes from smart mommies like you. Do share and enrich me your experiences.