Why should boys have all the fun?

A mother’s search for equality in the playground.

I saw it when my girl leapt to the other side where all the boys were. They were in bright sweatshirts and shiny shoes, same as her, and their game was what had drawn Layla. I fought back tears, like a proud mother.

But something unpleasant happened, in spite of Layla’s competitively capable sprints. Layla wasn’t raising a fight; she was just playing a game and at best, competing with boys a few years older than her. They laughed and told her that only boys play such games.

Layla kept playing, and that was important. But why did the boys think girls played only certain kinds of games?

About a month ago, a boy from her class suddenly stopped playing with her. One day, I saw the boy stop Layla. Layla still followed, confused. I don’t play with girls,” he reprimanded her.

Layla stood in the park alone, lost. What about the boys in the park and her friends in the class? Who told her pink is not for the boys when her dad wears pink?

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